We treat a variety of adult and children’s conditions including the following;

Adult conditions                                                                         

Back Pain

Wry Neck                                                                            

Muscle strtains                                                                 

Ligament sprains     

Surgery rehabilitation                                                       


 Inflammatory arthritis

Sporting injuries

Post surgery rehab

Patello-femoral pain

Shin splints

Post fracture and dislocation

Muscular tension

Tennis or Golfers elbow

Osteitis Pubis

Tendonitis/ tendinopathy

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Children’s conditions

Acute sporting injurie

Postural variations

Toe walking

Plagiocephaly (misshapen head)


Positional talipes (foot posture) 

Developmental concerns, delays or disabilities

Balance problems

Severs disease

Osgood-Schlatters disease